Mi UAGM 

General rules


Library rules

  1. Show your identification card, as stipulated in the Student Regulations. If you do not have an ID card, you must show your class schedule with a validated personal card.
  2. Return borrowed resources on or before the due date.
  3. Immediately notify any case of loss or mutilation of the material or equipment for which you are responsible (include in the areas).
  4. Maintain an appropriate study environment; therefore, the following things are forbidden:

a. ingesting food in the library.

b. smoking, consuming controlled substances and/or alcoholic beverages.

c. violating other patrons’ right to study, speaking loudly.

d. inappropriate use of the cubicles, tables, and technological equipment.

  1. Keep cell phones vibrating and answer calls outside of the library.
  2. Do not bring animals into the library. This prohibition does not apply to duly certified guide dogs or dogs from canine therapy programs.
  3. Sales or collections not certified by the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs are prohibited.
  4. Minors under 12 years of age must have adult supervision, as stipulated in the Student Regulations.
  5. To comply with the established schedule, patrons will be notified 15 minutes prior to closing time.