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Biblioteca UAGM - referencia

The Reference Area offers services to help users manage the bibliographic resources available in the library, and to help them find information on general and specialized topics in a quick, efficient manner.  

To serve our users’ needs, the Reference Area has computers, photocopying and printing machines, cubicles for individual study, print books, eBooks, and print magazines.  

It provides resources which offer basic information on general and specialized topics. Resources include encyclopedias, dictionaries, biographies, bibliographies, annuals, atlases, maps, documents from government agencies, and databases. We also have various computers, with which users can find our electronic resources. 

The librarian in this area offers help with recovering information from print materials and online database searches, along with guidance on using the computers. It is an open area, allowing users to search the shelves. 

Resources from the Reference Area are to be used in the library.